Pavel Denisenko - NYC based filmmaker, photographer, and co-founder of Risk Magazine. 

Growing up in Russia in a military family, it was during Pavel's early years that he recognized his passion for visual arts and storytelling. After picking up professional photography when he was 18, Pavel moved to Saint Petersburg to expand his photography career. It was during this time that his work was shaped by the city's cultural heritage, followed by Moscow to shoot for Vogue Russia. After graduating with a Masters Degree in International Economics, he moved to New York City to take his artistic career to a new level. Pavel always aspired to produce imagery that reflects modern times, yet remains timeless. In 2015 he founded Risk, a biannual fashion magazine devoted to alternative fashion, which is circulated internationally both digitally and in print. In addition to photography work, Pavel directs fashion films and music videos, commissioned by a roster of clients including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Numero, Barney’s New York, and American Express. As of 2017, Pavel works exclusively between NYC and LA.